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Meet Our Global Team of Wellbeing Inspired by Nature Consultants

Wellbeing Inspired by Nature Certified Consultants

Czech Republic

Aleš Miklík is a certified forest therapy guide (he completed his training with the ANFT association) based in Prague, Czech Republic. His professional career has also included a long period in management positions in the publishing business (e.g. Forbes magazine), where he gained a good insight into the needs and challenges of corporate wellbeing and its crucial importance for the effectiveness of companies. His enthusiasm for nature has led him to work with multiple institutions and facility types (from the hospitality sector to healthcare facilities) to offer natural wellness programs to improve employee health and performance.

Costa Rica

Manuela Siegfried was born and raised in this beautiful, bio diverse country called Costa Rica. Having a biologist as a father, Manuela experienced contact with nature as an intrinsic part of her life. This passion led her to work as a naturalist tourism guide and in the tourism industry for 15 over years. She came across the concept of Shinrin-Yoku and the Association of Nature and Forest Therapy and immediately felt inspired and related to it. Manuela was trained and certified in 2018 and has been guiding very actively since then. As a trainer she has trained and mentored people from all over the world. She served as one of the main trainers for the first bilingual training in Puerto Rico. She has been the main promoter of trainings in Spanish, making this practice accessible to all Spanish-speaking countries. Currently she is the training coordinator for the Association of Nature and Forest Therapy.

Name: Manuela Siegfried
Email: manuela@wellbeinginspiredbynature.com
Website: www.terapiadebosqueynaturaleza.com
LinkedIn: ManuelaSiegfried
Instagram: @forestbathing_costarica
Facebook: @TerapiaDeBosqueCostaRica


Phyllis Look is Hawaiʻi’s first certified forest therapy guide and the owner and founder of Forest Bathing Hawaiʻi. Since receiving her training and certification from the Association of Nature and Forest Therapy Guides and Programs in 2018, she has guided more than 300 walks, both in-person and “virtually.” Her walks have been recommended by The New York Times, National Geographic, Forbes, and named a 2021 Best Green Travel Experience by Treehugger. Her earlier careers were spent in the professional theatre and in marketing/communications. Phyllis is based in Honolulu, Hawaiʻi, where she was born and raised, and is proud to be a certified consultant with Wellbeing Inspired by Nature, a global network dedicated to bringing nature connection practices to organizations and the workplace.


Wellbeing consultant

Geeta is based in Portugal and is a certified Forest Therapy Guide, Trainer and Coordinator of the Extensions Program at the ANFT. She has recently designed and created an ongoing professional development course: Embodiment for Forest Therapy Guides. She is the founder of the company Renature where she creates and facilitates restorative programs that promote wellbeing and health through Forest Therapy, Nature Connection Practices, Clean Eating and Self-Care. She works all over the world with various populations that range from the general public, corporate and mental health populations and individuals recovering from situations of excess stress and resulting depression and anxiety. She is co-founder of Wellbeing Inspired by Nature Consultant Training and Programs bringing nature connection work into the corporate world. She is co-founder and co-host of The Nature Talks, an annual 5 day online conference that aims to build a community of nature connection practitioners. Her passion is to bring human beings back into relationship with nature and support the reconnection to the restorative potency of the natural world. She is trained in Forest Therapy, Embodiment and Conscious Resting, Way of Council and Active Meditation Techniques, and in the field of Healthcare as a Pharmacist. She holds a Masters in Business Management and is fluent in Portuguese, English, Spanish and French. You will find Geeta hiking in the forest most mornings and on a dancefloor whenever possible. She loves to cook for her friends and family.

United Kingdom

Having spent over 20 years working in marketing across various national and global brands, it was in 2019 that Holly took the decision to move onto a different path. As well as being the first Wellbeing Inspired by Nature Consultant in the UK, Holly is also a certified Nature and Forest Therapy Guide (accredited through the ANFT) and EcoNIDRA teacher. In today’s world it has never been more important to look after our own wellbeing – and that of those around us. Connecting with the nature that is both in and around us is the perfect way to support our wellbeing. Sessions can be run in person or remotely online. For more information please visit The Eco Monkey – Wellbeing through nature connection.

Wellbeing Inspired by Nature Consultants in Training


Kat is the founder and teacher of EcoNIDRA™, ANFT Certified Forest Therapy Guide and Trainer, Chair of the European Council of the Association of Nature and Forest Therapy, Shinrin-yoku Art Designer, and Co-host of One in Nature Podcast.

Kat’s passion and mission are to help people reconnect with nature, with themselves and others, by focusing on deep relaxation, slowing down, body wisdom, heart intelligence and the relationship between humans and the planet. With her background in cross-cultural communication, Kat enjoys guiding participants and teams from all around the world with (remotely guided) Forest Bathing and EcoNIDRA™ sessions and Corporate Wellness Programs.

United States of America

Jane West has been guiding forest bathing walks since 2015 and was the first certified nature and forest therapy guide in Colorado. Jane has brought these lovely wellness walks to individuals, couples and groups of all kinds, including wedding parties, frontline medical and mental health professionals, and community leaders from all over the state. Jane has also been a part of the Association of Nature and Forest Therapy international training team and has helped naturalists in Colorado integrate forest bathing into their existing activities.
For over 25 years, Jane has been a snowshoe nature tour guide and alpine and telemark ski instructor for Vail Resorts. Jane is also a longstanding licensed professional counselor, child development specialist and a documentary film producer and director.

Name: Jane West
Email: heartofthewestcounseling@gmail.com

Leona is a certified nature and forest therapy guide and a Wellness Inspired by Nature consultant in training. She grew up in Czechia and now lives in New Jersey, USA. Nature was an important part of her life growing up; however, over the past few decades she has witnessed firsthand some of the consequences of not nurturing that important relationship and partnership. She is now on a journey to reconnect with nature and help others do the same.

Founder & CEO of Eldergrow. Therapeutic Horticulturist, BS, MBA.

Forest Therapy Guide with the Association for Nature and Forest Therapy; Masters in Transpersonal Ecopsychology, Naropa University

Name: Jen Borrow
Email: jenborrow@gmail.com
Website: www.jenborrow.com
Instagram: www.instagram.com/jenborrow

Kathleen Aharoni brings more than 20 years of experience in teaching (including as faculty at Northwestern University, Chicago, USA) and life coaching, including for former White House staff, Fortune 500 executives, CEOs, performing artists and organization directors. Kathleen is an award-winning author, Health Mastery columnist for Chicago Health Magazine, certified Nature and Forest Therapy Guide and certified EcoNidra™ practitioner. Kathleen brings her knowledge, curiosity and creativity together to help individuals and organizations design their internal and external environments for optimal functioning, innovation, cooperation, community and wellbeing.

Pam has been providing executive coaching to business professionals since 2009. Previously, Pam spent 20+ years as a corporate communications officer with two Fortune 500 companies, managed an international trade association, and served in The White House.

In 2021 Pam transitioned her executive coaching practice to the outdoors, creating “”Trek Coaching Outdoors,”” conducting coaching sessions while walking on nature trails with clients. She is currently training with WIN (Wellbeing Inspired by Nature), and also participating in nature and forest therapy guide training through the ANFT (Association of Nature & Forest Therapy).

When not on the trails, Pam and her husband enjoy traveling, playing pickleball, cooking for friends and family and volunteering with their certified therapy dog, a rescue golden retriever named “Robert”.