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Join a Global Network of Wellbeing Inspired by Nature Companies

The wellbeing of your team is the driving force for your company productivity and profitability.


There are four essential reasons that are driving companies around the world to implement wellbeing programs for their teams:
– Increasing cost of healthcare.
– Increase in prevalence of preventable chronic condi5ons.
– Rise in healthcare consumerism.
– Popularity of wellbeing programs as an employee benefit.

By being certified as a Wellbeing Inspired by Nature company you will be part of a worldwide network of companies that are striving to bring the wellbeing of their teams to the forefront of their employee welfare.

“The future will belong to the nature smart – those individuals, families, businesses, and political leaders who develop a deeper understanding of the transformative power of the natural world and who balance the virtual with the real. The more high tech we become, the more nature we need.”

Richard Louv

What do I need to become a Wellbeing Inspired by Nature Certified Company?


Contact a WIN consultant in your city
Together with a WIN consultant Devise a 1 year WIN strategy for your teams that includes a minimum of:
– One Nature Based activity per employee at least once a year.
– One Office based WIN service in your office.
– One self directed based service per employee at least once a year.

Find a Wellbeing Inspired by Nature Consultant near You

Competitive Advantages:


Be part of a cutting-edge group of companies around the world that are truly bringing wellbeing to their employees in a unique, innovative, and creative way that benefits people, the company and the planet.
Increase the visibility and credibility of your company for prospective employees. Having a well-established and high-quality wellbeing program for your employees is very attractive for current employees and future prospects:


82% of employees affirm that wellbeing programs are a good investment
77% of employees affirm that wellbeing programs make the company more attractive to potential employees.
59% of employees state that a wellbeing program is the reason they stay with their current employer.


Employees with access to 7 to 8 wellbeing programs offered by their company are:

2.9 times more likely to recommend their employer as a place to work
1.5 times more likely to continue working for their employer
3.3 times more likely to be proud to work for their employer

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2. Net Promoter, Net Promoter System, NetPromoter Score, NPS and the NPS-related emo5cons are registered trademarks of Bain & Company, Inc., Fred Reichheld and Sat Metrix Systems, Inc.

Be featured in the Wellbeing Inspired by Nature Global map

Employees with a strong overall wellbeing are:

– 6 times more likely to be engaged in their jobs
– 32% more likely to stay with the company

High engagement business units experience:

– 21% higher productivity
– 22% higher profitability
– 10% higher customer satisfaction
– 80% of employees state that they would benefit from support with managing stress.

Certification Fees

1070 USD paid after signing a contract with your local Wellbeing Inspired by Nature consultant for implementation of 1 year WIN strategy for your teams.

Nature wellbeing

Annual Membership



Once you become certified your company will be featured in the Wellbeing Inspired by nature website for the duration of one year after the date of your certification. After one year, to keep your details in the WIN website you will need pay an annual membership fee of $350.

Your membership with WIN guarantees:


Feature your logo and link to your company website in WIN website certified company page.
Have access to the private WIN certified companies facebook page and meet and engage with like minded thinkers and company strategists.
Quarterly member exclusive newsletter with recent advancements in the field.

As a Wellbeing Inspired by Nature certified company you will join a global network of