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Wellbeing Consultant Training

The Corporate Wellbeing Consultant Training is the first of its kind in the world


A unique and complete set of high quality tools to support your journey of bringing wellbeing through nature practices to the corporate world.

Wellbeing Consultant Training
Train to become a wellbeing gudie

Become a Wellbeing ConsultantĀ 

This Training is for you if:



You have a vision of bringing wellbeing through nature practices to the corporate world and are looking to do it at high excellency standards.


You would like to advance your career as a wellbeing through nature practitioner and tap into the corporate market so as to increase the financial viability of your company.


You feel challenged presenting Wellbeing through Nature practices as an efficient stress management tool to your corporate clients.

Your are interested in becoming a certified forest therapy guide, also known as forest bathing guide, or a general certified wellness consultant.

You are met with credibility issues when offering Forest Therapy or Forest Bathing as a valid tool for stress management in corporate settings.

You feel isolated in your ventures of bringing wellbeing through nature practices to the corporate world and would like to be part of a worldwide community of like minded peers.

At this Training you will Learn:



High quality tools and methodologies to create a Wellbeing Inspired by Nature strategy for your corporate clients.


The scientific rationale and evidence that supports nature connection as one of the key foundations of human wellbeing.


How to structure, sell and implement Wellbeing Inspired by Nature services for your clients that are Nature Based, Office Based and Self Directed Based


Marketing tools and negotiation techniques to turn your opportunities into sales.


How to source, implement, monitor and measure the impact of the Wellbeing Inspired by Nature strategy you offer and sell to your corporate clients.

Nature wellbeing

Bringing Nature Connection into the Corporate World

As a result of this training you will be able to…



Offer a unique range of Wellbeing Inspired by Nature services to your corporate clients.


Design and create a Wellbeing Inspired by Nature strategy that is unique for each of your corporate clients


Give solid scientific proof of the importance of nature connection for human wellbeing.


Have access to a continually evolving set of marketing tools and scientific research to use in your sales pitches and strategies


Be featured in the Wellbeing Inspired by Nature website, with a pin on a map with a direct link to your company website/social media profile.


Be the recipient of all direct contacts made to Wellbeing Inspired by Nature for services in the country, city or region where you operate


Be part of a worldwide network of Wellbeing Inspired by Nature consultants and work in close connection to other consultants in your country, city or region.

The Training Program



This training consists of 10 Modules. There is a monthly content live call and we move through the modules as a cohort.


Each module consists of a variety of training methodologies that include live content sessions, pre-recorded training videos, written curriculum, reference articles, scientific studies and hands-on self-exploration assignments that will be reviewed by your trainers.


Throughout your training, you will have one-to-one access to the trainers and monthly live group content and Q&A sessions where you can bring your questions and tap into the group wisdom of your fellow trainees.

MODULE 1 – Framing Wellbeing through Nature Practices for the Corporate World

MODULE 2 – Biophilia and Biophilic Design for Corporate Settings

MODULE 3 – Physiology and Psychology of Stress and its relevance as the underlying condition for chronic disease

MODULE 4 – Benefits of Being in Nature – Scientific Evidence and Research

MODULE 5 – Corporate Culture and Financial Costs of Health Issues

MODULE 6 – Wellbeing Inspired by Nature – Nature Based Services

MODULE 7 – Wellbeing Inspired by Nature – Office Based Services

MODULE 8 – Wellbeing Inspired by Nature – Self Directed Based Services

MODULE 9 – Marketing and Selling Strategies for Wellbeing in Corporate Setting

MODULE 10 – Creating your first case study, final exam and certification

Forest therapy classes

The reasons why you should enroll in this Training:



You want to advance your career as a certified consultant in Wellbeing Inspired by Nature.


You want to bring wellbeing through nature practices to the corporate world in a way that is effective and will yield tangible results both for you and your clients.


You want to learn unique high quality nature inspired tools and services to offer to your clients.


You want to have access to the latest research in this field and a continuing education program.


You want to belong to a growing community of Wellbeing Inspired by Nature consultants and work as part of a team that will support you to grow your business and credibility in this field.

Want to Know More?

Send us an email at info@wellbeinginspiredbynature.com

Meet your Trainers


Wellbeing Inspired by Nature was founded by two friends with the same mind and heart vision. Manuela Siegfried from Costa Rica and Geeta Stilwell from Portugal. Together, they bring 30 years of experience in nature connection practices and the corporate world. Their vision and strategy is to create the first worldwide network of Wellbeing Inspired by Nature consultants to facilitate the evidence based healing benefits of nature for people and planet.
Expected results include positive impacts on the employee’s overall health, company cost reductions, increase in productivity and profitability.

Manuela Siegfried
Manuela Siegfried
Geeta Stilwell
Geeta Stilwell

As a Wellbeing Inspired by Nature consultant you will gain valuable skills and tools to implement wellbeing through nature practices in the corporate world. You will belong to a worldwide network of consultants, have a prominent presence for yourself and your company within the Wellbeing Inspired by Nature website.

Our Unique Ethos


Wellbeing Inspired by Nature is driven by the vision of creating a sustainable and financially viable opportunity for all its consultants. We do this by admitting trainees in each city or region in a sustained way, avoiding flooding the market with consultants. Just like in the natural world, we want to ensure that all Wellbeing Inspired by Nature Consultants work to the highest level of excellence and in cooperation with each other.

Become a Wellbeing Consultant Training

How does this work?
By being the first consultant in your city or region you can contribute to the decision making process of adding another consultant in your city or region.
We want to work together with all the consultants to grow a sustainable business for all. This methodology guarantees that we maintain a high standard of WIN services in any given city or region and that there is no disloyal competition.
If you would like to train to be a Wellbeing Inspired by Nature consultant and there already is one in your city or region, contact us to learn about the process.
Note: We will analyze each application and situation individually. Our decision to admit a new consultant in any given city or region will be based on the market potential.

Apply for the Training Now

Training Fees – $1340