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Wellbeing Inspired by Nature
Consultant Training Application Process

How does this work?


By being the first consultant in your city or region you can contribute to the decision making process of adding
another consultant in your city or region.

We want to work together with all the consultants to grow a sustainable business for all. This methodology guarantees
that we maintain a high standard of WIN services in any given city or region and that there is no disloyal competition.

If you would like to train to be a Wellbeing Inspired by Nature consultant and there already is one in your city or
region, contact us to learn about the process.

Note: We will analyse each application and situation individually. Our decision to admit a new consultant in any given
city or region will be based on the market poten5al.

“Start with a cohort. Complete with a group and learn together.
Just like in Nature, nothing is rushed and everything gets accomplished.”

Lao Tzu

Application Process


1 – Fill out the Application Form

2 -You will be contacted via email with an invitation for a live zoom call with the course trainers.

3 – We enroll you in the Wellbeing Inspired by Nature Consultant Training.

User Friendly Platform | Training Videos | Explorations and Case Studies | Monthly Live Content Sessions with Trainers

Bringing Nature Connection into the Corporate World

Apply for the Training Now

Training Fees – $1340

Gain access to an exclusive set of tools and downloadable materials to use with your clients.

The Training Program


This training consists of 10 Modules. We will cover 1 module every month and move through the training as a group.

Each module consists of a variety of training methodologies that include live sessions, pre-recorded training videos, written curriculum,
reference articles, scientific studies and hands-on self exploration assignments that will be reviewed by your trainers.

Throughout your training, you will have one-to-one access to the trainers and monthly live group content and Q&A sessions where you can bring your questions and tap into the group wisdom of your fellow trainees.

Want to Know More?

Contact us at  info@wellbeinginspiredbynature.com

Wellbeing Inspired by Nature was founded by two friends with the same mind and heart vision. Manuela Siegfried from Costa Rica and Geeta Stilwell from Portugal. Together, they bring 50 years of experience in nature connection practices and the corporate world. Their vision and strategy are to create the first worldwide network of Wellbeing Inspired by Nature consultants to facilitate the evidence-based healing benefits of nature for people and the planet.
Expected results include positive impacts on the employee’s overall health, company cost reductions, increase in productivity and profitability.