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Wellbeing Breakout Pod

Wellbeing Breakout Pod

This is what a real break feels like


Imagine immersing yourself in a completely different world, surrounded by plants and relaxing sounds of running water and birdsong, where you can rest, reset and go back to work feeling re-focused and invigorated.


This wellbeing booth is a separate space or a real booth, where employees can have a break. For a while, people will forget that they’re in their office. The booth or the room will be filled with pictures from forests or oceans or deserts, living plants, natural sounds like birdsong, running water from a creek, aromatherapy or different herbs that have a scent.


People will have the option to listen to a guided 15 minute meditation to awaken the senses and calm down.


Scientific Evidence


Key Benefits

   Stress Management & Balance

   Focus & Productivity

   Creativity & Reset



   Place Based

   15 minutes