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Press Play & Pause

Press Play & Pause

Taking a moment to truly restore yourself


Taking a break often means stepping out of your desk to go for a coffee to keep up the stimulus, stretch your legs and move your eyes away from the screen, often disconnecting from where you are, how you are and clicking maybe even clicking into social media.


What would it look like to take a break that truly restores your energy levels? Supports you to recenter and take charge of your own balance and wellbeing?


Press Play and Pause offers a menu of short 10 minute audio guided meditations to support you to restore your energy levels. From conscious breathing to simple embodiment exercises that support presence, heart and mind centering and mindful eating meditations.


Step away from your desk and press play to return feeling revitalized and refocused. This product gives you the flexibility you need through pre recorded instructions that will guide you at your own pace and convenience.


Take charge of your own wellbeing in the workplace, how you need it, when you need, as often as you need it.


Scientific Evidence


Key Benefits

   Flexibility & Self-care

   Stress Management & Balance

   Focus & Productivity



   Outdoor Based

   Place Based

   10 minutes