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Outdoor Meetings

Outdoor Meetings

Outdoor meetings – Taking your Meetings to the Next Level


Outdoor meetings has become a new way of improving the health, joy and hainess of employees of companies and corporations.


Long meetings like a Five Year Plan can be very strenuous and take employee’s mental capacity to the limit. After some hours, the attention span, creativity and quality of contribution diminishes making the meeting less productive and wasting time and money.


Being outside, immersed in green, listening to the natural sounds and smelling the air in nature, already has some major benefits on people’s afention span, creativity and overall sensation of wellbeing.

If we add some very effective breaks with resting, rebalancing activities, the result for the meeting will be extraordinary and the creativity and focus of employees will last until the end, making the meeting very productive and coming up with more creative ideas.

Outdoor meetings have certainly started to become quite popular. What was once seen as an infrequent, and somewhat crazy practice, is now becoming more and more popular. Especially outdoor business meetings are becoming more and more popular, precisely because they generate an extraordinary activity that awakens senses, fantasy, ideas and energies in employees that may be hidden or unnoticed in their ordinary workplaces. It has become an important form of improving the wellbeing and hapiness of employees.


What are the advantages of outdoor meetings?

Outdoor meetings have several advantages, especially for the corporate business world.  The employee is taken out of his or her ordinary environment, which in itself is refreshing and extraordinary, which releases potentials (energy, ideas, fantasy, interest) that might otherwise go unnoticed. It is also an excellent incentive for the employees of your company, because just going somewhere in the middle of nature is in itself an incentive and a reward.


Scientific Evidence


Key Benefits

   Stress Management & Balance

   Focus & Productivity

   Team Building & Creativity



   Nature Based

   Place Based with Outdoor breaks


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