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Forest Bathing Experience

Forest Bathing Experience

Slow down, connect with your senses and revitalize. A slow stroll through a forest or another natural area, to awaken the senses, be present and connect to nature. A Forest Bathing walk can have a specific focus, depending on the company’s needs: like team building, stress management, corporate identity, feedback on how employee’s perceive the company, creative processes and more.

The Forest Baths, also called Forest Therapies or simply Forest Bathing  is a simple but at the same time very invigorating and relaxing practice where the participants find again a lost link between themselves and the nature that surrounds them.

By booking a forest bath, or organizing forest therapies, either for yourself or for colleagues at work, (corporate forest therapies) you are making a wise investment in your health, well-being, happiness and that of your colleagues, friends or family.


Where can I find forest bathing ?

Forest therapies or forest baths can be booked directly on our website. Both face-to-face forest therapies and virtual forest baths are constantly available. Please contact us in advance to arrange a date and time.


What do I need to participate in a forest bathing ?

You do not need any previous experience to participate in a forest therapy or forest bath.


What are the advantages of a forest therapy ?

There are many advantages of forest therapy and forest bathing, the most common being the reconnection with the natural environment, the empowerment of the senses (sight, hearing, taste and touch) and learning to enjoy and really internalize the natural elements that for years perhaps went unnoticed.  It is a simple way that has made it possible for thousands to enjoy simple things in their daily lives again.


How much does a forest therapy cost ?

Please contact us if you have any questions about the price of forest therapies and forest baths, as they vary depending on the activity and the number of people.

Scientific Evidence

Key Benefits

   Focus & Reset

   Stress Management

   Team Building & Creativity


   Outdoor Based