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Click Into the Forest

Click Into the Forest

Connecting to the Restorative Power of Nature   Nature holds all the qualities a human being needs to thrive.   Sometimes it is challenging to take a break at a specific time. And yet, we crave for rest.   Click into the Forest offers you the possibility to take a forest

Nature Mirrors

Inspired by Nature to Thrive   Nature holds all the qualities a human being needs to thrive.   Companies need resourceful human beings in order to thrive. Humans learn by imitation. This experience will allow your team to be inspired by the different qualities nature offers. Through mentored observation,

Wellbeing Breakout Pod

Wellbeing Breakout Pod

This is what a real break feels like   Imagine immersing yourself in a completely different world, surrounded by plants and relaxing sounds of running water and birdsong, where you can rest, reset and go back to work feeling re-focused and invigorated.   This wellbeing booth is a separate

Press Play & Pause

Taking a moment to truly restore yourself   Taking a break often means stepping out of your desk to go for a coffee to keep up the stimulus, stretch your legs and move your eyes away from the screen, often disconnecting from where you are, how you

Outdoor Meetings

Outdoor meetings - Taking your Meetings to the Next Level   Outdoor meetings has become a new way of improving the health, joy and hainess of employees of companies and corporations.   Long meetings like a Five Year Plan can be very strenuous and take employee’s mental capacity to


Tapping into the Collective Wisdom of your Team   The practice of circle is as ancient as man has been seeing around a fire sharing stories. It is the oldest and most effective social technology form. It fosters respect and conscious witnessing.   It is a practice that promotes

Reset Nature Boost

Bringing nature indoors. A complete array of sense awakening products   Access nature’s benefits within your work environment. Through subtle and balanced incorporation of natural stimuli, we awake the innate biophilia, a desire or tendency to commune with nature. Biophilia is the reason why we feel good

Forest Bathing Experience

Slow down, connect with your senses and revitalize. A slow stroll through a forest or another natural area, to awaken the senses, be present and connect to nature. A Forest Bathing walk can have a specific focus, depending on the company’s needs: like team building,