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Wellbeing and Wellness Solutions 


Catalyzing human-nature reconnection in the corporate world resulting in balanced workplace environments.


Wellbeing Inspired by Nature is the leading company in offering a holistic approach to wellbeing in the workplace. We grow a steady and strong network of consultants all over the world in order to offer high quality programs to foster balance in people’s lives and their work environment by connecting them to nature. In nature, trees are connected through a wide network of mycelia to help each other thrive and grow. This is the essence of our vision.

Nature wellbeing
Nature wellbeing
Corporate Wellbeing Solutions

Strategic and innovative products designed to meet the requirements of the corporate world, fully adaptable to the unique situations of each company. Find a consultant near you.

Nature wellbeing
Wellbeing Consultant

A unique and complete set of high quality tools to support your journey of bringing wellbeing through nature practices to the corporate world.

Nature wellness
Become a Certified Company

Be part of a worldwide network of companies that are striving to bring the wellbeing of their teams to the forefront of their employee welfare.

Forest Bathing Experience

Reset Nature Boost


Outdoor Meetings

Press Play & Pause

Wellbeing Breakout Pod

Wellbeing Breakout Pod

Nature Mirrors

Click Into the Forest

Click Into the Forest

Our Story

Wellbeing Inspired by Nature started when Geeta Stillwell and Manuela Siegfried, both Certified forest therapy guides and trainers had a long conversation about how important it would be to bring nature and its healing properties to as many people as possible and especially to the corporate world where teams usually work long hours, can experience a lot of stress and many times don’t have the tools and time to relax. This results in loss of productivity and less motivation to work as well as increased absenteeism due to stress related disorders like anxiety and depression.

Our services include becoming a general certified wellness consultant. We also specialize in Corporate Wellness Activities that include arranging outdoor meetings and forest bathing walks for companies who wish to give their employees a health and happiness incentive.

Taking into consideration that time for wellness activities is often limited, Wellbeing Inspired by Nature offers strategic and innovative products that are designed to meet the requirements and needs of the corporate world, that can be adapted to the unique situations of each company. These range from taking people out into nature, bringing nature inside the office, to simple and effective tools that can be used anytime and anywhere.


Manuela Siegfried

Founder & Trainer & Consultant

Geeta Stilwell

Founder & Trainer & Consultant

Why Wellbeing and not Wellness

We believe that humans are more than just a physical body, we are thoughts, emotions, we are connected to our families and friends and our environment, including our work environment.

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Our biology and nervous system is wired to be in nature and that is the reason why we feel good when we are outside. This innate affinity to nature is called biophilia – love for life.

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Benefits of Nature

There are plenty of reasons why nature makes us feel good, ranging from the simplest to the most complex processes that happen in our body when we are outside communing with our surroundings.

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Please Contact us with your questions

Wether you would like to receive information about our products and services for your teams, you are interested in becoming a certified wellness consultant or a Forest Therapy Guide ( Forest bathing guide ),  a 100 % certified Wellbeing Inspired by Nature Consultant or you would like to see your company certified as a Wellbeing Inspired by Nature Company, please fill out the form here.